GTD Tool NextAction! on your BlackBerry (German Edition)

There seems to be great news for German GTD enthusiastics who own (or plan to own) a BlackBerry. Since a long time NextAction! – the only straight GTD implementation for BlackBerry – is the market leading application. Now you can get the German version of NextAction! as well.

Not only the German language support has been added. The most important new feature (complete list below) is the “Notes Support” which was a big shortcoming since the notes are used by many Microsoft Outlook users to add some more information to a task. Moreover, I like the direct and quick access to all essential functions of the program. Shortcuts to create, delete, rename, hide/unhide contexts as well as shortcuts for the navigation.

As there is nothing like this on the market yet, I guess our German reader will be happy to hear that. The new version is tagged as NextAction! 1.6.1 and brings some new features like:

  • German language localization
  • Notes support
  • SPACE to mark a next action as done/undone
  • “n” to add a new task
  • “c” switch to contexts
  • Contexts: SPACE hide/unhide selected context
  • Contexts: ENTER rename context
  • Add/Edit next action: save next action
  • Contexts: “n” add new context
  • “e” context up
  • “x” context down
  • DELETE deletes the selected next action
  • Contexts: DELETE deletes the selected context, tasks will remain but disassociated from the context
  • Configurable delete confirmation for next actions
  • Configurable delete confirmation for contexts

The English speaking user community of NextAction! is quite impressed of its implementation of the GTD approach and therefor published a lot of testimonials and reviews. Here only two just as an excerpt:


User from Alpharetta, GA, USA – posted in David Allen’s GTD Forum:

“[…]I received my first BlackBerry last week and purchased / installed Next Action last evening. My first impressions are very, very positive.

The lure of email, calendar, cell and most GTD functionality in one small device is for me compelling. I’ll be working over the next couple of weeks to fully convert my paper-based (Levenger Circa) GTD implementation to the BlackBerry.[…]”

Dave from Toronto, Canada – posted in

“I recently bought NextAction. I’m not connected with the vendor in any way.

It’s cheaper throught their site than handango “” […]

Basically, it does what is promised. Saves time and keystrokes which is valuable to me on a handheld device with a reduced keyboard (I have 7130e).

I like the ability to hide categories that are not relevant to GTD tasks. The synching with Outlook task list works fine. The only shortcoming I see is that NextAction can’t see the notes field in an outlook task while the Blackberry task list can. This is not a big deal fro me as I use the Outlook task list for next actions more than projects (both used in the GTD sense).[…]”

Update 2006-11-30: For all who want to know more about Getting Things Done: Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen

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