BlackBerry PDF Viewers

There are quite a few appilcations to view PDF files on your BlackBerry. Although you get basic PDF support included with the native Blackberry applications, you might need a program with better support for image-rich PDFs and other special features. This should give you an overview about third party PDF viewers:

  • DocHawk Platinum
    This is the bestselling Handango application to view file attachments inlcuding
    Adobe PDF, Word, WordPerfect, XLS, PPT, eFax.
  • RepliGo
    Document viewer for PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, WordPerfect, faxes & photos which supports almost every feature of a desktop viewer-application
  • eOffice
    eOffice is not only a document viewer but a whole office suite for your BlackBerry. Besides the PDF support you can view Power Point presentations and create/edit word & exel documents.

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  1. [...] PDF based Ebooks There are a couple of programs for the Blackberry to view PDF documents. As there are many PDB-based ebooks on the market, this seems to be the obvious solution. There is one problem however. PDF documents are allways trageted to a specific size i.e. letter or A4. That means that in most PDF documents you will not have a line break at the right end of the displayed text and need to scroll the ebook horizontal AND vertical, which is quite inconvinient. [...]

  2. mynameisnotpublic says:

    fucking utterly useless

  3. The problem with this kind of application is usually error when I try to open more than 20MB PDF. Any suggestion which apps that are going to keep working?

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