How to upgrade your BlackBerry OS

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To upgrade your BlackBerry to the latest OS version, you have to go to the provider-specific download page::

Bell Mobility
Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited
Cable and Wireless (Cayman Islands)
Cincinnati Bell
Cingular (Mobitex)
Cingular / AT&T
Dobson Cellular/Cellular One
Hong Kong CSL
KPN Netherlands
Mobistar SA/NV
O2 Europe
O2 Ireland
Optus Mobile Pty Limited
Orange Netherlands
Orange UK

Sasktel Mobility
SMART Communications Inc

StarHub Ltd
SunCom Wireless
T-Mobile Europe
TDC Mobil
Telefónica Móviles
Telenor Sverige AB
Telstra Australia
US Cellular
Vodafone Australia and Fiji
Vodafone D2
Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone Ireland
Vodafone Netherlands
Vodafone New Zealand
Vodafone Spain
Vodafone UK

The most recent BlackBerry Desktop software is available here:

In most cases it is also possible to install an update from a different carrier (if they have the same BlackBerry model). This might be useful if your carrier does not provide the most recent version you need, or you want to have a special foreign charset. For example you can install the “Hong Kong CSL” version to have chinese character and input support (the Operation System is still in english).
To install a OS update from a different carrier you have to delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\VENDOR.XML first.

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20 thoughts on “How to upgrade your BlackBerry OS

  1. i purchased a bb pearl from cingular, just got it unlocked, and changed its os to HKCSL, and it still doesn’t show Chinese characters, anyone can help?

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  3. Hey guys,

    I bought a blackberry 8310 from Vodafone Romania and I can’t update the software because the operator is not included in the list. Is there a way I can update my software (currently 4.2.2) to the latest 4.6?



  4. I have a T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8320 I wanna upgrade to the newest software, from Rogers, will it work right? Also, it says I have to connect my phone wirelessly to use it again after the update, what does this mean? I do not have service on my phone ATM, but I wanna upgrade for video recording feature! Anyone have any idea if you gotta have service on your BB to perform the software upgrade?

  5. Ihave black berry perl 8100 v4.2 when i downlaod to update it to v4.5 it’s not detecting to update finding no updates my service provider for T-mobile is 8100EastAsia_PBr4.5.0_rel52_PL2.7.0.55_A4.5.0.37_Bharti
    but not working any solution plz

    thank you

  6. i have a blackberry 7290. I would like to know , if i can upgrade to OS 4.2 or not. If yes from where doi download the OS 4.2

    Thank you

  7. So I just updated my pearl and it killed the address book on my bluetooth to my truck (LR2). It just shows the numbers now. I have tried all the options and a hard reboot…suggestions?

  8. Vodafone blackberry 7230 was sent to me in nigeria,but it does not work with Nigeria network on gprs and browser.Tell me how to configure it to MTN Nigeria network.

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